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Maui or Oahu Scuba Diving Classes, Maui or Oahu Beach Diving and Maui or Oahu Boat Diving!
  Maui and Oahu Hawaii  BEACH perfect place While not Scuba Diving.     Scuba Diving Maui and Oahu with the Manta Rays.  

" Mark...We can't thank you enough for your wonderful Maui scuba diving certification training. We appreciated the individual attention! We LOVE Scuba Diving! You know, I was a bit timid, but you were so patient with me. I am proud to be a certified scuba diver"! Catherine. 

     HAWAII USA the underwater scuba Diving classes and trips.

MAUI SCUBA DIVING enjoy the best part of Hawaii underwater.  


Maui or Oahu Scuba Diving - Maui or Oahu Scuba Diving Certification - Maui or Oahu Scuba Diving Classes - Maui or Oahu Scuba Diving Trips
Mark's Water Fantasy Diving in Maui or Oahu, Hawaii,is a QUALITY scuba diving certification company. 
I have assisted students into what Jacque Cousteau called "The Silent World" Since 1991.
The sea covers over 70% of the planet's surface and yet most people never get to explore the magic that lies just beneath the warm crystal blue tropical waters here in Maui or Oahu, Hawaii!
I want to invite you to join OUR Maui or Oahu Scuba Diving Classes to Learn to Scuba Dive in the warm waters of Maui or Oahu, Hawaii!
I want to share my love of Maui or Oahu scuba diving with you. Personal step by step instruction, shallow beach scuba dives and comfortable scuba diving equipment will make becoming a Certified Scuba Diver an adventure you will NEVER forget!
I offer private or small scuba group certification classes that give personal attention... I Insist on it! You'll appreciate the care and style that has made ME the LEADER in scuba diving certification in Maui or Oahu for Open Water Scuba Diver, Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diving Certification, and Scuba Instructor Training Classes here on Maui or Oahu.
 There is just no substitute for individual attention!
May I show you the path to scuba diving adventure and share my Love of Diving with you ? I promise you an experience you will never forget!


CALL ME TOLL FREE: 1-866-385-DIVE (3483)


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